Social Media and Mental Health

Social media has had a huge impact on how people interact with each other and the world around them. More recently there is an increasing awareness into how this ever growing presence of social media effects peoples mental health. 

It is not that social media creates poor mental health but perhaps triggering what difficulties an individual may already have. As a society we already interact less face to face and the preference has now become to interact on various devices using certain apps.

With over 1 billion likes daily on instagram, there is an ever growing intense need to seek out validation and approval from from the click of button. For individuals who have well functioning relationships there may not be such an intense desire to seek out that constant approval through social media.

However for others who do not have well functioning relationships there is a potential for there to be a huge amount of pressure to be liked and to like on these social platforms. Whilst the disconnection to the outside world and to the individuals sense of self grows deeper. For some the constant feeding of hash tags and pictures fills an emptiness that actual relationships have failed to fill. Making it increasingly difficult for some individuals to take themselves aways from the constant presence of social media.