Depression can be a very hard thing to describe or to define. Similar to anxiety, depression can often remain hidden within an individual. Some people may find they are able to go to work, socialise with friends and even attend family functions but whilst that is going on theres a sort of emptiness that is felt. This emptiness can be very difficult to understand and can go ignored for a long time.

When someone who is depressed but can also function highly in other aspects of their life it can be very daunting to seek help because the individual may feel very self critical for feeling depressed in the first place. 

Depression can effect the most charismatic and sociable people as well as the most isolated. The depth of the emptiness that can be felt within can be so consuming but at the same time so hard to articulate. This is another aspect that can prevent people from getting help. 

Some people may feel there is an expectation when they seek help to fully articulate what they are feeling and their reasons for why they are feeling that way. In reality the causes of depression can ofen be hidden to the person. When someone is depressed there can be an absence of feeling. It is understanding why an individual feels this emptiness that they need help with as often they do not know why. Therefore expecting someone to know why they are depressed can be unhelpful.