Not all wounds are visible but that doesn't make them any less painful

What is Psychodynamic therapy?

Psychodynamic therapy helps you to explore and makes sense of your feelings. It offers the opportunity for you to understand yourself. How you think and feel about yourself and other people.

As a practitioner I believe that exploring and trying to understand why you think or feel the way you do is an extremely valuable experience, an experience that helps you to know yourself better.

Much of our personalities are often kept in the dark and it is the aim of Psychodynamic work to help you to gently bring those darker aspects into the light whilst feeling contained.

Is Psychodynamic therapy right for you?

The aspect of Psychodynamic work I most enjoy is that it works with you not against you. Therapy can at times be challenging but it is also supportive, empathic and is a journey. Whether you want to know yourself better or just want some support Psychodynamic therapy can help.