Small talk pt.3

Secondary small talk basically is a tool to determine whether your colleague/peer is your kind of person. Secondary small talk often involves generalised conversation with small elements of the self. I shall illustrate this through a small dialogue between Liz and Kate. Kate has just started a new job and is working along side Liz on project. This is the second day they are working together.

Kate: Hi Liz, thanks for all your help yesterday.

Liz: No worries. You will get the hang of it.

Kate: Yeah hope so. Its meant to be lovely weather on Saturday.

Liz: I could really do with some sun. You got any plans.

Kate: Not really, might go for a picnic with the kids and hubby.

Kate’s last sentence was a way of letting Liz know something personal about herself but in safe and generalised way. In the hope that Liz will be also offer some personal information. Liz now knows that Kate has children. If Liz wants to engage in further small talk she might ask Kate how old her kids. If she does the conversation will transition from small talk to a conversation that will let them know a bit more about each other. Thus building on a relationship.