What no one tells you about self worth

A common misconception about self worth is that having self worth means being happy, confident and out going. When actually it is not about those things at all.

Self worth means being able to acknowlegde when something is good or bad for you. Self worth is a way of noticing yourself. For example an individual with self worth would be able to walk away form someone who was taking advantage of them. This would still be difficult and painful but they would be able to act on their feelings. Whereas an individual with very little self with could have an awareness that they were being used but they would not have the power to walk away from the situation.

Having self worth is a powerful tool to have. It can prevent an individual from staying in an unhealthy relationship and it helps an individual to know when a relationship is good for them. It is not something that can develop over night and it is not reflective of how good you feel.