Being a minority and dealing with mental health

Being a minority myself I know all too well the stigma and pressures that minorities face when dealing with mental health or trying to access help. Going to therapy has been associated with white middle class people whilst everyone else just has to get on with it. But this simply is not true.

Everyone can benefit from therapy no matter race or class. So why do so few minorities access therapy? Within certain cultures suffering from psychological distress is not accepted. You have to be strong and get on with things otherwise you won’t have the same chances as everybody else.

This idea of being strong and tough makes many people feel as though they are failing somehow if they admit they need help. The whole ‘get on with it’ attitude has been passed down through generations and then becomes engrained especially in male minorities. More recently certain footballers such as Danny Rose and Rio Ferdinand have gone public with their own battle with mental health which I feel does increase awareness.