Anxiety Part 1

Every one will experience some level of anxiety at some point in there lives. The shape and form anxiety takes can vary according to the individual. Anxiety is affecting more people than ever and when anxiety takes over it can limit the ability to reflect on a situation. 

Some individuals can function even though they are experiencing varying levels of anxiety whereas others may not. Anxiety is a response to a situation, person or thought. It can come and go in different strengths. 

For some individuals anxiety will be felt in a very physical way. Fatigue, insomnia, nausea, constipation, shortness of breath, accelerated heart rate, perspiration, visual impairment, muscle aches, stomach pain and headaches are all common physical manifestations of anxiety.

Due to the variety of ways anxiety can manifest it is possible to feel anxious without knowing your suffering from anxiety, which can sometimes make it difficult for the individual to recognise what is happening to them. 


New Year Blues

Christmas is over. We have all eat, drunk and shopped to our hearts content. With all the hype surrounding Christmas and New Years no wonder the month of January feels like one big come down. No more parties, work do's or that quality family time that we just can't seem to fit in. So we ask ourselves now what? 

The dawn of another year beginning brings with it a whole load of pressure to change. Most people will be returning to the same job that they kept saying next year I need to make a change. Oooops theres that word again change!!! So whats all this change about? A change in diet, change in job, change in friends, whoa thats a lot of change for one little month. 

Realistically that much change is not possible and most of you will know that even a simple change to your regular journey to work can be stressful. So deep down we know that we can't make all those changes at once but yet we still pressure ourselves into thinking we can and then mentally beat ourselves up for not achieving it. Changes take time and effort. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that yes January is a New Year and a New Year doesn't mean that a New You needs to suddenly emerge.